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How Do You Clean Up Mold

how do you clean up mold

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Work by Chevy Wentworth 107 Southeast Grand Avenue Portland, OR 97214 - (503) 232-2000 Maybe a Mr. Clean Magic eraser will clean that up??

Work by Chevy Wentworth 107 Southeast Grand Avenue Portland, OR 97214 - (503) 232-2000 Maybe a Mr. Clean Magic eraser will clean that up??

Wentworth Chevrolet
Brian and Tim
Work by Chevy Wentworth
107 Southeast Grand Avenue Portland, OR 97214 - (503) 232-2000

When I pointed out the problems, Brian said it was not a new car and they are very minor. He said you could hardly see anything.
I asked if he would like to get in the car and choose any other body shop in the area to inspect his work and tell us what they think.
Brian got upset and told me that he Manages two shops and he does not have time for this type of thing.

First time I refused due to bad work they argued and finally said they would work on it.

Second time I went to pick it up there was a paint line all the way across the bumper.
This was when Brian told me it was no big deal and that it was right at the edge so no one would notice it.

Third time I went to pick it up, there was no one to talk to me.

Here is what the car looks like after giving the them two chances to make it right after the original work.
If I go back it will be their fourth time working on it.

I asked Chevy Wentworth for for the Allstate Adjuster's estimate, they said no.
I asked for the promised warranty papers, they say they will mail them.

I called Allstate Insurance and asked them for the adjuster's estimate, they said it is in the mail.
I called them again a week later. They said it is in the mail.

December 23, 2009 4:42PM
Meeting with Low, Chey Wentworth General Manager and Brian.

Subject: Bad metal work in corner: uneven, stretched, wrinkled(Pictured in corner photos)
According to the General Manager this corner work just looks dirty.
After 10 minutes of showing the difference between the flat corner where they did not work and explaining that wrinkles in metal mean that the overall length changes compared to flat
Lou the General Manager answered: I have to determine if this is within acceptable standards. It does not look that bad, I could not even tell it was simply not dirty.

Subject: Unsealed and scratched metal from Wentworth body work.
Why is it not sanded and painted?
GM, Lou's answer: Allstate insurance only pays us to paint the outside of the car, we are not paid to paint anything inside.

Subject: Trunk lid shock, broke when opened trunk the evening I picked up the car.
Brian: We did not remove the shock, we unbolted it without touching the shock.

Subject: Replace rear glass due to damage which occurred in the shop.
Promised genuine GM glass replacement.
Brian: I was there when Tim called you and we promised a window made by the company that also makes glass for GM. Not an actual GM window.

Subject: Trunk lid forces against rear window molding tearing it away from the glass.
Brian: The glass was put on after we put everything together. We did miss that, it can easily be moved back and away.
Question: If you move the trunk lid back at this time, how will it match the place you welded the quarter panel replacement?
Answer: Silence.

Subject: Right break lamp sticks out about 5/8 of an inch when the left one,(left has not been moved by Chevy Wentworth).
Answer: It is all adjustable, we can just move it in.

Subject: Dirt in paint.
Brian: There is always dirt in paint.
Lou, General Manager: Can you fix that, it is really noticeable.
Brian: We can just buff it out.

Subject: Paint texture is different everywhere.
Answer: None.

Subject: Buckle in frame and crack in wheel well.
Brian: These cars do not have a frame. They are unibody and we can just cover it with sealant.

Subject: Over-spray and paint tape lines in door well.
Brian: We did not paint inside the door well, we only painted the outer area.
Question: How was the quarter panel attached to the car if you did not paint the area inside?
It was attached to the outer part before the bend in.
I will have to talk to the person that did the work.
Question: Let's ask him now.
Brian: He is not here.

Question: If nothing is aligned where it should be, how can you say that the frame is straight.
Brian: it does not have a frame and besides if it was not right the window would not fit.

Yes, Brian that I agree. The trunk lid rubs so hard against the window, it is tearing the edging off. If you move it back and away then the trunk lid lines will not match the misplaced quarter panel, if you move the brake light, how will the other lines match, etc...

Lou the GM was as nice as she could be faced with the issues at hand. She was calm and did her best to protect her employee while trying to empathize with the customer.
I was told that some time next Tuesday she would let me know what she plans to do.

I asked if they wanted to get in the car and drive to any body shop near by, their choice, and we can ask them if this is standard work.
Answer: Not necessary, we will look into it and let you know.

Position available on Google Earth.
These guys do not get a Hi5 from me.
Please do not download these photos.
They were not taken with Iphone.
I wish wikipedia a bad job and good job, auto body shop list.
Should I put these photos on



Where is your studio?

11:15 a.m.

June 23, 2010

By phone:

I live in Afton, in a country area. The home is a civil war era stone house built in 1851.

I am 44. When I was about 15, my father would hire me to do odd jobs in the shop for him.

Cast waxes, and make plaster molds and the like. As time went on the projects were

sometimes rather complex. Some of his mentors from the past I began to know quite well,

as they often played a role in his work. Around 1986, he began to suffer from some

terminal physical problems. He died 1987. He was a very well known all over the United States as an important sculptor

of Liturgical and Sacred art, Gerald S Bonnette.

I went to technical school for the field of hospital central service technician,(CSR)

but I never went to art school. I learned the profession of sculpting,

mold making and how to use wax and clay from my father. He left me with a lot of

equipment and tools, and introduced my to oxy-acetylene torch welding. Most of the other skills I have picked up were self taught, like Tig welding, stick welding, and metal casting, which were things that my father did not do himself.

My skills with wood were also self taught, and to this day I do most of the small wood related tasks myself.

After the death of my father, the orders for the artwork continued to come to me. I expanded my skills as the need to do so evolved. There was never much time when I didn’t have a project to do.

At the Cathedral of Christ the light in Oakland California, all of the sculptures I am responsible for were cast by myself: The Stations of the Cross, the Madonna and Child with the black bear cub, the Tabernacle reliefs and the life-size crucifix are all designs of my creations. Some people have asked my what is the meaning of the bear cub. The bear cub symbolizes a state of strength, and wisdom of the coronation of Mary as the mother of God. That is all; this is my understanding, otherwise Oakland is a place of the black bear. There was also supposed to be a bronze oak tree near the Madonna. This tree was never fully completed in time, the Cathedral ultimately decided not to place the tree in the Cathedral. It remains in my shop, and someday it may be used for another reason.

If a reader wants to contact the sculptor, write, Andrew J Bonnette, 12487 40th St.,

Afton, MN 55001 USA.

Do you like the work done on the Cathedral?

It is fantastic, the most interesting Church and Cathedral I have ever seen or been in. When I visited Oakland, I was able to see how it was built and I love the physical shape of it. From the outside, it is very well illuminated from all directions. You can see the light coming from the inside from all directions. The light shines in from all directions during the day. It is so unique. I have so many good memories of going in there, everywhere you look there is something to see of history, art and the focus of the real light of Christ is everywhere.

The reason the Cathedral chose me as one of the artists was mostly because of my personal accomplishments, however without the help of a good friend, Brother William Woeger, I do not think I would have been there.

Do you say the Stations of the Cross?

Yes, of course. Attending the processions of the Stations is very important thing for myself and my family. We usually attend mass at Saint Rita's Catholic church in Cottage Grove, but there are more than a few Catholic churches where I live. Since childhood, Saint Rita's Church I have thought of as my church.

My father was one of the main Liturgical Artists at Saint Rita's, and there are a few pieces of his work there.

Did you do much Church work before the Cathedral? There is a large 3 dimensional of

Christ the King in Madison, Wisconsin. It is 7 1/2 feet from head to toe. It is a full size copy of a very importand little bronze crucifix of my fathers design. It looks like a gigantic duplicate of the little crucifix. It is in the courtyard of the Archdiocese. I was paid a fair price for the work, however now that it is done, the cost of it is not important, the meaning of the statue is the only important thing.

Did you work with the Bishop on the crucifix for the Cathedral of Christ the light?

Yes, I met with Bishop Vigneron more than a few times. Myself, the design consultants and others met to have dinner in his house in Oakland, California. During our conversations, we arrived at the conclusion that Mary be very gentle looking and have a slightly Middle Eastern appearance because this is the region of the world they were from, and have certain features on the facial expressions of the Madonna statue. The final details of Mary's eyes were my doing. The entire design was changed more than a few times. She is looking very lovingly at Jesus. I didn’t want her to look hard or difficult at all, and to show that Jesus is our gateway to God.

Bishop Vigneron said, Oakland is populated by many different ethnicities

how do you clean up mold

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