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How To Wipe A Pc Clean

how to wipe a pc clean

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Wiping Fi-Fi's pee-pee

Wiping Fi-Fi's pee-pee

I was watching this guy as I sat outside the Plaza in NYC. He appeared to be some sort of driver/chauffeur/assistant and was just walking this little dog around the park while he waited for someone to come out of Bergdorf's, I suppose. Anyway, every time the dog would whizz on a streetlamp or a plant, the guy would lean over and wipe its nether regions. All I could think was, "someone told that guy to wipe their dog's wee wee." I wondered two things. First, what kind of person instructs someone else to do that? Second, how good does your job have to be (or how badly do you need one) to follow that instruction? I never got a good glimpse of who got into the big dark SUV as they all drove away.

Wipe Out - Phil Samuels Going Down

Wipe Out - Phil Samuels Going Down

January 31st 2009 -- Ostrander Hut Bowl, Yosemite National Park, California, USA -- C.J. Rowe looks on as Phil Samuels goes down in a high speed snow flying blizzard of a wipe out. Phil has just ripped a beautiful line through the rocks off to stage right and had a tower of speed going when he must have hit a rough patch. I wish I'd caught more of it but the D200 buffer was already churning trying to record the 20 frames I fired before this one. Grab a look at the full size image and you can still make out the steely calm look on Phil's face, totally concentrated to hold it together. -- Photo By Jeffrey Rueppel

how to wipe a pc clean

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