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How To Clean The Engine Of A Car

how to clean the engine of a car

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too clever by half #1

too clever by half #1

It's probably fair to say that I have a love / hate relationship with modern vehicle technology. I love the fact that most modern cars will usually start in the morning (whereas I've had many old cars where it was a gamble). I do like getting 43 mpg out of an 1800 cc engine, which I could barely achieve with my 948 cc Morris Minor (indeed, it's the only thing that makes my daily commute feasible).

But I truly hate the fact that when something does go wrong, there's probably very little the average owner can do about it. For somebody who always prided themselves on their ability to get home, on a wing and a prayer if needs be, it is galling to be defeated utterly. This isn't what my B2 Combat Driver / Tradesman prepared me for.

And what of a misfire? I'd be happy to check, clean and gap the points and the plugs, check the timing, swap one or more HT leads, a condensor or coil; even strip and clean out a carb, all by the roadside. It wouldn't be the first time, for any of them. But what is one supposed to do about a failing lambda sensor - apart, that is, from replacing the beastly thing at ?48 a time? And without a battery of test equipment, how is one supposed to figure out where lies the problem?

Anyway,.the new one's in now, and we took the Moggy down to Sidmouth today, and she flew up the hills, so I'm a happy bunny, albeit ?48 poorer.

Woopee I've Got a Job to do on my Car

Woopee I've Got a Job to do on my Car

Anyone whohas ever owned a Nissan Micra will know how reliable they are. I like tinkering on cars however in the three years I have had the micra it has only needed servicing and cleaning.

Now one month before it's 10th birthday it has thrown a fault! I was quietly happy with this, it meant getting tools out of the shed, opening the bonnet and fixing something technical.

The fault is a a common one to Micra's the throttle body/air mas meter was malfunctioning. The fix is easy, there are three solder joints in the throttle body that need re solderinhg. Not difficult at all to fix but a genuine job none the less.

Thes are the tools needed. A sharp knife to remove the mastic sealant around the cover, a soldering iron and solder. The whole job took less than 1/2 hour. These Micras are so easy to fix. The lay out and access to nearly everything has been thought about and is easy. The build is exellent, everything comes off and goes on easily.

the engine is purring nicely now it has more power and picks up straight away on the throttle. It should use less petrol as well.

how to clean the engine of a car

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