How To Clean A Dirty Cd : To Clean Colon Out.

How To Clean A Dirty Cd

how to clean a dirty cd

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"When I Was Your Age, We Had To Blow On The Video Games To Make Them Work."

"When I Was Your Age, We Had To Blow On The Video Games To Make Them Work."

A Facebook group based on a joke that doesn't get old in my book.

Yes, I still have NES cartridges, and Super NES ones, and my Sega Genesis cartridges. I also held onto every video game console since the NES. I have the original two-tone boxy NES, the original style Super NES, a 2nd revision of the old-style Genesis, with a new-version Sega CD and the 32X add-on, and I also have a 5000 series PlayStation, a platinum GameCube (To match my platinum Game Boy Advance), a Sega DreamCast, and of course, the slim PlayStation 2 and Nintendo Wii serving active duty out in the family room.

Yeah, I don't care how my hair looks, or the fact that I'm emphasizing my forehead wrinkles making this stupid-ass face. ^_^;



This is my work briefcase - I dumped everything out to take the photo and Its amazing how much junk you end up lugging around. I cannot remember why I have some of this here.. I know why I have the 2003 Server CD but cannot work out why cufflinks are in there (have not worn french cuffs in weeks) and the delegate badge must be months old ?

Missing is the pile of old receipts and stuff i threw out and my trusy PowerShot A40

how to clean a dirty cd

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